Employee Appreciation

It’s the end of the month and just like any month in and out of this pandemic we as Home-care providers won’t make it this far without our amazing staff. Our staff are the backbone of our organizations and we can’t begin to thank them enough for all they do especially our staff at Divine Favour Senior Homecare.

Our PSW of the month is Letty Silva. Letty has been with us at Divine Favour Senior Homecare for over a year now and has dedicated so much time to the well being of all those we serve. She goes above and beyond in everything she does and we are so thankful to have her on our team. Please join us to congratulate and appreciate Letty.

Our Nurse of the month is Elliott. Elliott has been with us for a while and his constant willingness and enthusiasm to serve seniors is one which he always goes above and beyond in his work. Elliott wakes up everyday choosing to be a leader especially in difficult situations and as much as we love him those we serve love him even more. Please join us to congratulate and appreciate Elliott.

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