How to Make Your Home Safe and Secure for Your Seniors

How to Make Your Home Safe and Secure for Your Seniors

Is your home senior-friendly? Can you let your elderly loved one walk alone without the fear of falling? Divine Favour Home Care provides quality home care services in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) that help you prepare your abode for your senior loved ones with the following tips:

  • Conduct a Home Inspection

    Allow a professional inspector to check and clear out any possible molds growing inside your home that could affect the quality of air. Some furniture damages, electrical malfunctions, or even heat loss might also exist and need a repair.

  • Prevent Slips and Falls

    The common causes of injury inside the home are falling and slipping, especially inside the bathroom. You can avoid accidents by installing area rugs, non-slip mats, grab bars, carpet, and good lighting.

  • Don’t Try to Do Everything Alone

    You can ask for the assistance of a care professional from a reliable and reputable provider of homecare in Canada.

If you need further information on how to make your home safe for your family members, you can get in touch with our friendly representatives here at Divine Favour Home Care. We are a reputable provider of personal care services in Ontario. Talk to us today!

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