Insights on Caring for Loved Ones with Dementia at Home

Insights on Caring for Loved Ones with Dementia at Home

Patients with dementia usually have problems with memory, concentration, decision-making, and understanding. If you want to care for your loved ones with this disease at home, know the ways you can help them cope with these symptoms. Availing of home care services in Ontario, Canada is a way to uphold your loved ones’ overall health. When searching for options, consider the following insights:

  • Social and emotional connection helps a lot.
    Make sure that your chosen provider of services for senior homecare in Canada lets your elderly loved ones feel a sense of belongingness and love. Encourage them to engage in social interaction by talking to them and spending quality time with them. They might not remember you or what you talked about, but they’ll surely appreciate your moments together.
  • Expert, disease-specific care is a must.
    People with dementia need assistance on a daily basis, considering the cognitive challenges they face. They need support for their socialization activities and personal hygiene. Add to that the medication and therapy schedules they need to follow. If you’re also busy at work, you can avail of personal care services for your loved ones at home.
  • A home or environment conducive to health is important.
    Make sure the house is easily navigable. Write labels on containers and rooms. And most importantly, make the home safe. Replace the slippery tiles with the slip-resistant flooring material, install grab bars, and rails.

Flexibility and patience are needed to effectively care for patients with degenerative diseases like dementia. Expert support helps a lot. If you’re now in search of professionals in Ontario to help you, Divine Favour Senior Homecare can help.

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