Taking Steps for World Elder Abuse Awareness Day

Taking Steps for World Elder Abuse Awareness Day

Aging is both a challenge and a fulfillment. It is challenging for the elderly because their mobility is limited, certain difficulties to their daily living will be encountered. While it is fulfillment for them to be able to achieve a lot and to be able to reach that far in their lifetime.

On the other hand, for their family, it will be a challenge because they have to make sure to provide quality care for their loved ones. But is it also a fulfillment to their family? Or is it just an avenue for them to abuse their elderly?

According to the United Nations, one out of six older persons was subjected to abuse. With lockdowns and reduced care, violence against older persons is on the rise. To get to know about the rampant abuse of elders, click here https://bit.ly/34VRtGn.

With the kind of world we are running right now, elderly abuse is very present in developing countries, and unfortunately, these problems remain underreported. Thus, together with the UN, they are inviting everyone to help them address this issue and take significant steps to prevent such.

As a child, you have concerns on how to give them the best possible care while you are making ends meet with your responsibilities. Before hiring an agency, make sure to do the following to have a smooth flow of transition, to prevent abuse, and mostly, to involve them in this very important decision-making.

As a homecare in Canada, we highly suggest the following to help you ensure that they will be provided with the best care that they deserve:

  • First, consider their wishes.
    A majority of the elderly want to stay in their homes rather than in a facility. Thus, know what they want, communication is key.
  • Second, consider their needs.
    If you believe that your loved ones are still reliable, then allow them to continue to live in their home. You can make game plans on how to address the things where they need assistance. In Divine Favour Senior Homecare we can help you curate a good care plan for them.
  • Lastly, consider your own.
    Be realistic and consider yourself along the process too. Be honest with your loved ones and most importantly, be honest to yourself about your limits. Do not hesitate to call for help. Remember, your parents love you, hence they will understand.

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