We take your health seriously.

To promote the health and safety of our clients and Caregivers, and to mitigate the risk of spread and exposure of COVID-19, we follow provincial and federal guidelines very seriously and have put into place a number of safety protocols

Personal Protective Equipment

To reduce the transmission of infection, our Caregivers are equipped with appropriate personal protective equipment.

Exposure Protocol

Divine Favour Healthcare Staffing Inc. follows local health authority guidelines with regards to screening, testing and self-isolation procedures.

Strict Hygiene

Divine Favour Healthcare Staffing Inc. Caregivers follow strict hygiene standards to suppress the spread of coronavirus and other contaminants

How we’re staying ahead of COVID-19

To ensure we are doing all we can in this time of crisis, we are continuously in communication with our Caregivers to keep them up-to-date on the most recent developments in the pandemic and to provide direction on how to best deliver care in accordance to state/provincial and regional health departments.