The number one way to stay safe- Stay at Home!

With a pandemic, there are so many factors outside of your control. However, the most reliable way to avoid infection sits entirely with you: stay at home. Divine Favour Homecare’s number one priority is keeping seniors safe in their homes

To reduce exposure to the public, let one of our Caregivers help you with tasks that require you going outside. You can stay safe at home, and interact with only one person rather than hundreds.

Grocery shopping

The number one need we all have is keeping up with our nutrition. Our Caregivers can go to the grocery store for you, and help you cook delicious and nutritious meals.

Medication pickup

Do you need medications from the pharmacy? Our caregivers can pick it up for you! We also provide medication reminders to ensure you stay your regular healthy self.

Social engagement

One thing easily overlooked in times of crisis is the need for social interaction — for companionship. While it may seem like a small thing, social interaction is a key part of maintaining mental well-being.