Reduce the cost of your health care by preventing hospital re-admission

One of the benefits of home care is to prevent or reduce hospital re-admission — and this is something that we aim for here at Divine Favour Healthcare Staffing Inc.. Through the help of our caregivers, we are able to assist our clients with their care needs, secure their health and safety at home, and help enhance their way of living. Preventing or reducing the possibility of hospital re-admission can also help the elderly and their families minimize their healthcare expenses.

To prevent re-admission, we offer services, such as:

  • Ensuring home safety
  • Assistance with medication management
  • Vital signs checking and monitoring
  • Recording and reporting changes in the health of the patient to the supervising healthcare professional
  • Coordinating with other healthcare professionals, such as doctors and pharmacists, who are involved in the care

Interested in our services?

If you have questions or concerns about our services and charges, please don’t hesitate to call us. Our Compliance Officer or Administrator will be glad to answer any of your inquiries.