4 Ways a Staffing Agency Can Save You Time

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Directly contacting healthcare organizations via email, phone, or in person is an option for job seekers. However, this approach has limitations as it may only connect you with a limited network and can be time-consuming.

By using a staffing agency job seekers conserve valuable time and are able to get right to work.

The following covers four ways to save time by using a staffing agency to look for healthcare jobs.

  1. Access to more jobs.

    Healthcare recruitment agencies possess extensive client networks seeking nurses and healthcare professionals. These facilities prefer agency partnerships over the effort and expenses of online job postings. Moreover, candidates enjoy the advantage of pre-screening through the agency. After completing the screening process, a simple job application submission exposes candidates to the agency’s vast client network.

  2. Salary negotiations.

    By utilizing the services of a staffing agency, you can bypass the salary and benefits negotiation process that often accompanies job offers. Agencies are well-versed in determining the worth of nurses with different skills and specialties. Instead of negotiating directly with the healthcare organization, the agency handles this task on your behalf. This approach saves you valuable time that would have otherwise been spent on negotiations.

  3. Variety of positions.

    Recruitment agencies provide an extensive range of temporary, permanent, locum, and contract nursing jobs that you’re unlikely to find elsewhere. You can quickly access your desired job type by communicating your preferences to the agency. They can present you with more opportunities that align with your specific wants and needs, saving you the time and effort to search for them independently.

  4. Flexibility in shifts.

    When working at a hospital or medical facility, nurses usually have assigned shifts without much say in the matter. However, with a recruitment agency, you have the freedom to select your own shifts. This inherent flexibility saves you time by enabling you to align your work schedule with personal commitments, allowing you to spend more time at home or with loved ones.

Almost anything you can think of that goes with a job search can be done in less time and with less effort when you choose a recruitment agency.

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