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Maintaining and Supporting Mental Health in Seniors

The significance of mental health as a vital part of comprehensive well-being cannot be overstated, and its relevance persists regardless of one's age. Seniors typically encounter distinct obstacles, including the passing of friends or family and...

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group of elderly celebrating success

Understanding the Needs of Today’s Senior Citizens

As our society continues to evolve, so do the needs and expectations of our seniors. Now more than ever, understanding these needs is paramount for those providing care to seniors. Modern seniors have grown up during decades of significant social...

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caregiver checking blood pressure of a patient

Nutrition Tips to Keep Seniors Healthy

Aging may mean retirement, which is freedom from all worries in the workplace. However, this is always the case because medication maintenance and illnesses may come in the way. That is why as homecare in Canada, we make sure to integrate essential...

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caregiver doing back massage to her patient

What it Takes to Care for the Elderly

Not everyone is not as patient in taking care of the elderly. It is a calling that one must acknowledge and accept wholeheartedly. It takes a lot of understanding and courage. Once you are there, you can not show any sign of weakness because you...

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elderly woman holding on caregivers hand

Why Choose Us for Your Aging Loved One

Many seniors find aging alone in their homes a bit of a struggle. There are certain things that they can’t accomplish on their own, such as maintaining a good hygiene, preparing meals, and more. Here at Divine Favour Healthcare Staffing Inc., a...

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caregiver holding patients hand

Making a Decision as a Family

How to talk to your loved one about hiring a home care provider Has it been very challenging to convince your aging mom and dad to receive extra hands to assist them at home? We understand how that must be very unfamiliar and uncomfortable to...

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