Nutrition Tips to Keep Seniors Healthy

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Aging may mean retirement, which is freedom from all worries in the workplace. However, this is always the case because medication maintenance and illnesses may come in the way. That is why as homecare in Canada, we make sure to integrate essential nutrients into the meals and snacks of the seniors under our care.

Under our inclusive companionship services, we do not only provide primary companionship. Among the perk we provide under this program is our meal planning and preparation for the seniors. Thus, we make sure that our caregivers are knowledgeable about the dos and don’ts in preparing meals for seniors. Hence, we guarantee that they will incorporate the following to keep each senior healthy.

  • avoid too much sugar and salt in their food servings
  • pick fruits and vegetables that are good for their health condition
  • include fatty fish in their meal to help boost their mental health
  • encourage them to sleep early to keep their level of alertness and have light exercise to encourage proper blood flow
  • make sure that they have the exact fluid intake to keep them hydrated to improve their digestion

We understand that for aging adults, taking the significant nutrients to keep them healthy is necessary. However, they should stay at home for better health improvement. Most seniors cannot just give up their independence. That is why giving them the perfect companionship gives them company and someone who can assist them in their daily living routine.

To keep them in their optimal condition, we also offer personal care services to ensure good hygiene. These are among the goals that we set in every care plan that we provide. We want every senior to maintain their hygiene care to help improve their health.

We believe that proper personal care will not only keep them healthy, it will also give them a sense of confidence. That is why, as a provider of home care services in Ontario, Canada, we make sure to deliver the care that they deserve. We recognize how hard it is for seniors to maintain their personal care tasks. Our caregivers are ready to offer this type of care and to look after them. We aim to assist them with their activities of daily living.

Favour Healthcare Staffing Inc. is your partner in giving the care that you want for your senior loved ones. We have a range of services that offer to help each individual who needs attentive care. It is our goal to help your loved ones live more meaningful lives. Our mission to take care of them and for them to experience a fuller life from our services.

Discover more about the services we provide by browsing the details here on our website. Should you need further assistance, don’t hesitate to give us a call. If you are interested in availing of our services, set an appointment with us now. Our team is looking forward to working with you.

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