Beating the Summer Heat: Tips for Seniors this Summer

elderly woman sat on couch using a fan

Summer is giving its heat, and keeping one’s self hydrated is essential. With the humidity the summer season brings, older adults are more prone to danger. They are more vulnerable to the summer heat. Hence, as their caregiver, you should execute proper precautions for them to beat the summer heat.

Sometimes, seniors are stubborn and would insist that they will be fine. But make them understand that taking measures to be safe this season is necessary. Aside from letting them go outside during the chiller parts of the day, they should also get rid of and beware of hot surfaces. Our caregivers in our homecare in Canada will make sure to do these to the seniors under our supervision:

  • Encourage seniors to drink more water. We also coordinate with their physicians for a better approach, especially if the elderly have fluid restrictions.
  • One of the services we provide is personal care services. With this, we make sure that they apply moisturizer to their skin. It is necessary to avoid overly dry skin due to the heat. We prevent micro-cuts because they can be annoying and are hard to heal for seniors.
  • When the summer season is on, we also move the seating and beds away from the sunny spots. As much as possible, we keep the living space cool to avoid too much humidity. We also look out for bugs and pests indoors as they can be dangerous to the seniors.
  • One of the most necessary things to do is to store medication and food in cool places. We make sure to check the labeling of their medicines.

There are still a lot of techniques to beat the summer heat. In our home care services in Ontario, Canada, each of our caregivers has tricks up on their sleeves to keep seniors well hydrated during the summer. Favour Healthcare Staffing Inc. makes sure that each of the clients under our care will receive the high standard of care that we promise. We aim to give each senior the chance to gain optimum health and independence at home.

Due to the high demand for our services in the industry, we cope by providing a range of care services. We understand that each senior will need different types of care, all depending on their preferences. With this, we structure an individualized care plan for each client, all unique and structured according to their needs.

Set an appointment with us now so that we can work on your assessment. We do this so that we will know the kind of care you need. It is an integral part of us to deliver the quality care that you deserve.

For more details and information, check our website. Should you have other concerns and inquiries about how we can help, give us a call.

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