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caregiver assisting an elderly man to lay in bed

Preventing Bed Sores for Bedridden Patients

Bed sores are damages to the skin usually occurring over a bone prominence due to limited mobility, and it’s common in bedridden patients. Severe cases of bed sores are difficult to treat, which is why prevention is very crucial. Divine Favour...

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elderly woman and her caregiver smiling at each other

Importance of Live-In Care in Old Age

Most people want to grow in place because the thought of living in a nursing home brings them numerous frightening thoughts, which is why live-in care becomes an alternative. Divine Favour Healthcare Staffing Inc., your provider of homecare in...

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smiling caregiver and elderly man

Homemaking Services: Making Seniors Life Easier

It is natural for your loved ones to choose their homes when they journey through aging. With age, daily household activities and chores can become difficult to accomplish. When you decide on homemaker services from Favour Healthcare Staffing Inc.,...

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smiling caregiver and elderlies

Tips to Help Establish Healthy Eating Habits for Seniors

We all know that there are so many changes that happen to our body, physically and mentally, especially when we age. The most common changes we know are that our metabolism slows down, our strength weakens, and most likely to develop health minor to...

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elderly woman sat on couch using a fan

Beating the Summer Heat: Tips for Seniors this Summer

Summer is giving its heat, and keeping one’s self hydrated is essential. With the humidity the summer season brings, older adults are more prone to danger. They are more vulnerable to the summer heat. Hence, as their caregiver, you should execute...

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elderly woman getting hurt by a man

Taking Steps for World Elder Abuse Awareness Day

Aging is both a challenge and a fulfillment. It is challenging for the elderly because their mobility is limited, certain difficulties to their daily living will be encountered. While it is fulfillment for them to be able to achieve a lot and to be...

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