Tips to Help Establish Healthy Eating Habits for Seniors

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We all know that there are so many changes that happen to our body, physically and mentally, especially when we age. The most common changes we know are that our metabolism slows down, our strength weakens, and most likely to develop health minor to serious health issues and conditions. When it comes to our senior loved ones, there are many ways may help delay or avoid these from happening. Our team here at Favour Healthcare Staffing Inc., the reliable provider of quality home care services in Ontario, Canada, made a list of healthy eating habits that your seniors should keep in mind to stay healthier each day.

On top of our list is to consume more liquids or drinking at least eight glasses of water each day. Aging may lessen the sense of thirst, this is why you must make sure that you get enough liquid and water intake. It’s highly suggested by medical and healthcare professionals that seniors should drink plenty of water throughout the day to stay hydrated. Even if they don’t exactly feel thirsty, it is still highly suggested. There are also other options besides water, such as fat-free milk and 100 percent or natural juice.

Next on our list is establishing a meal plan. This method is practiced by many people, especially seniors who have a strict diet plan from their nutritionists due to their health conditions.

If you plan your loved one’s meals throughout the week, they will be encouraged to follow healthy eating habits each day. Consider preparing or planning a week’s worth of meals. Our homecare in Canada also has care providers who can assist your seniors in starting this journey.

It is also highly suggested to minimize the use of salt or table salt during meals. Our sense of taste declines when we age. More often than not, seniors will be able to see themselves wanting to put more seasoning on their meals to help increase the flavor. Make sure that they are not consuming more than 2 300 milligrams of sodium daily. To help improve the taste of food, choose healthier options such as using fresh herbs and spices. You may include cayenne pepper, basil, sage, rosemary, and turmeric.

There are still a few more healthy eating tips that we can provide you and your senior loved ones. We are also qualified to care providers who can help seniors with their daily meal preparations and plans. If you wish to avail the personal care services, which are designed to keep your seniors healthier and safer in the environment they prefer, please give our lines a call.

We still have a wide range of other home care services that you can choose from. Know that we are a group of care providers who are always ready to take care of seniors. We make care easily accessible for everyone.

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