The Health and Safety Benefits of Hands-On Senior Care

smiling caregiver and elderly woman

Losing the ability to drive can often result in your senior loved one’s feel helpless, limiting their ability to do the things they previously were able to. With limited mobility, it can be hard to leave the confines of their home without assistance. There are many factors why it is essential for seniors to have access to quality transportation services. Most of them have to give up the ability to drive because of various reasons, it could be mobility-related issues, cognitive decline, but very common are eyesight problems. When this happens, seniors tend to give up driving.

In some cases, they end up doing the things that they used to enjoy, or following a routine, such as visiting family members, going to important events, and even visiting their doctors and primary care providers. Luckily, at Favour Healthcare Staffing Inc., an established agency that provides quality home care services in Ontario, Canada, we extend our care to your loved ones by giving them easy access to non-medical transportation services.

Through non-medical transportation services, your seniors will have the chance to live the life that they are previously accustomed to. They will not miss out on important events and occasions that they want to go to, most especially, they can remain healthier by having easy access to transportation on the way to their doctor’s appointments. They will no longer feel isolated from their friends and families. Instead, they can be present at birthdays, weddings, hospital visits, checkups, and many more. They can also go back to doing the things that they usually enjoy. Seniors can now go grocery shopping, spending time in the park, or going to a specific place that they always like to visit when they can still drive.

Our transportation services are also well-known and trusted by many seniors and their families. Unlike taxis or public transportation, seniors often need special accommodations from getting from place to place. As a reliable homecare in Canada, we invested in vehicles that are customized to be senior-friendly. It has superior wheelchair accommodation and other medical equipment used to assist your loved ones with mobility issues. It also has comfortable and clean interiors. We can also guarantee that we are always on time with our schedules. This type of service is made possible by our professional and safe drivers, together with the care providers who can assist seniors during their trip to their whereabouts.

When it comes to the personal care services and transportation needs of your loved ones, only choose the trusted agency in the community. You can set a schedule ahead in availing of our transportation services so we can make the reservations for you ahead of time. We are looking forward to seeing you or your senior loved ones soon.

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