Importance of Live-In Care in Old Age


Most people want to grow in place because the thought of living in a nursing home brings them numerous frightening thoughts, which is why live-in care becomes an alternative. Divine Favour Healthcare Staffing Inc., your provider of homecare in Canada, has dedicated and emphatic live-in caregivers who can offer personalized and quality caregiving experience to your senior loved ones.

These are the benefits your loved ones can get from our live-in home care services in Ontario, Canada:

  • In-depth and multifaceted care. Live-in care isn’t merely about alleviating the age and health-related concerns of our patients through our assistance and personal care services. It’s also about providing care with dedication, getting to know them on a personal level, and even memorizing their routine. A friend they can rely on is what they need the most while growing old, and our live-in caregivers guarantee this.
  • Familiar environment and closer to loved ones. Live-in care allows them to grow old in a familiar setting whilst getting the appropriate care they need. Also, knowing that they’re closer to their loved ones and pets they consider family members is therapeutic for them.
  • Quality life. Seniors can practice little independence while enjoying a life of convenience because of live-in care. One of which is getting to eat homemade food.
  • Reducing the risk of injuries. Seniors are susceptible to falls because of dizziness and mobility issues brought upon by old age and some of their medications. With live-in care, injuries can be minimized because they’re given 24-hour supervision and our homemakers can ensure that your homes are well-kept.

Get started with our live-in care services today and know more about our other services, especially our end of life care, by sending us a message!

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