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caregiver serving food to a elderly man

Effective Meal Planning to Execution

For people who are aging in place or recovering at home, meals are as important as their prescription medicines. The food we eat and the beverage we drink remain the most important sources of nutrition that our body needs. However, caring for...

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caregiver holding patients hand

Why Personal Help Is a Great Support

When it comes to receiving care at home, you have various options. You can decide based on the skill needed or how many hours you want to be supported. Many clients are looking forward to the type of care that is ready whenever help is needed. With...

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elderly woman and her caregiver smiling at each other

Importance of Live-In Care in Old Age

Most people want to grow in place because the thought of living in a nursing home brings them numerous frightening thoughts, which is why live-in care becomes an alternative. Divine Favour Healthcare Staffing Inc., your provider of homecare in...

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woman holding a elderly mans hand

Helping Seniors Remain Safe at Home

Want to ensure the safety of your senior loved ones while you work or are away? Getting home care services might be the answer for you. With home care, your loved ones can help maintain their independence and make the most of their golden years...

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caregiver holding caregivers hand

Reward Yourself with Home Care Services

All your life, you have been working hard. As kids and adolescents, you studied hard in school, so you could get a well-paying job or grow your wealth by managing your own business. As an adult, you worked hard to thrive as an employee, manager, or...

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caregiver and her patients

Why Respite Care Is Essential for Family Caregivers

One essential part of the care services we provide here at Divine Favour Healthcare Staffing Inc. is our quality respite care. This type of senior care is designed to help care providers, especially family caregivers, remain healthier. Respite...

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