Bathroom Slips and Falls: How to Reduce the Risk

Bathroom Slips and Falls: How to Reduce the Risk

With aging, mobility, flexibility, and strength are affected. It is inevitable for seniors to feel slower and weaker as time passes. That is why it is relevant to keep their home senior-friendly.

Let’s face it. Nowadays, seniors opt to stay in their homes if they don’t see the need to be in a facility. In addition, homecare in Canada is one of the cheaper ways to provide care services to seniors. Despite the monetary reasons, aging in place is very significant for seniors. To let them continue having their independence is the most rewarding thing you can give them. For them, it is very fulfilling to stay at home and have someone assist them when necessary.

The bathroom is one of the hazardous destinations for seniors. That is why, as a provider of personal care services, we see to it to reduce the risk of bathroom accidents. We do the following actionable tips to make the bathroom friendly to the elderly.

– We make sure that the hot water temperatures are not harming the senior. We recognize that as a person ages, the more one becomes more skin sensitive. Over time, the skin will get thinner. That is why an accident may occur when a senior bathe with water that is too hot for them to handle. The safest that we can do is assist them and label the taps.

– We request their family members to have a walk-in bathtub since it is safer for them. There are risky items in the bathroom that may cause an easy trip for seniors when bathing. Hence, it is necessary to remove these obstacles that will become a risk to their safety.

– Since seniors are very prone to injuries, we make sure to have their bathing items within their reach. Trying to get something too high for them may lead to a slip or fall. That is why keeping the bathroom essentials reachable can reduce their risk of an accident.

– Install a bath lift and change the bathroom door. Some older adults are having a hard time getting in and out of the tub. Thus, it is essential having a lift, as it can reduce the risk of slipping in the tub. Bathroom doors can also be tricky on their part. Therefore, a new door friendly to their situation is beneficial too.

Favour Healthcare Staffing Inc. is a provider of home care services in Ontario, Canada. We have a range of care services that are designed for the prosperity of each senior under our care. We have a lot to give to the seniors in the community.

If you would like to know about these services, learn more about them here on our website. Feel free to check the details that we provide herein. Should you have other concerns, contact us.

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