How Can Older Adults Prevent Dehydration

caregiver serving a glass of water to a elderly woman

Keeping a senior from dehydration is a must. It is very critical for seniors to stay dehydrated, especially now that it is summer. Hence, as their caregiver, you should provide them adequate fluids throughout the day.

As a personal care services provider, we closely monitor if the seniors under our care are well hydrated. The common symptoms that we look out for are the following:

  • dry skin, dry mouth, and cracked lips
  • sunken eyes
  • frequent urine infection
  • get tired and confused quickly
  • the most common, dark urine, a small quantity

That is why, as homecare in Canada, we make sure to keep our seniors hydrated. Being hydrated can benefit them a lot. It does not only regulate the body temperature, but it also helps the body absorb more nutrients. Aside from that, keeping the body well-hydrated can:

  • promote skin health
  • cushions the joints
  • helps convert food into energy
  • promotes regular bowel movement
  • protects and cushions the vital organs

But we cannot deny that encouraging seniors to drink more water is difficult. As seniors age, the more they feel that they are not thirsty. However, by letting them understand how essential drinking water is, everything will be fine. That is why home care services in Ontario, Canada follow these tips to increase the fluid intake of the elderly:

  • Offer them water throughout the day and at mealtimes. Sometimes, we create a schedule for them when to drink water.
  • To lessen the boredom of drinking water alone, we offer them fruit juice or tea that is good for them.
  • Letting them eat juicy fruits and offering them soup during mealtimes can encourage more fluid intake.

We understand how necessary hydration is to a person’s body, more so with seniors. Some of them are having medication maintenance that can cause a toll on their hydration. Some medicines can make the body dehydrated. That is why it is significant for us to know the kind of medicines they are taking.

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