How to Prevent Hospital Re-Admissions


One of the most important reasons to recover at home is to prevent getting admitted again. Aside from the costs involved during re-admissions, the patient’s health is further put at stake – the progress they have gained so far may mean nothing if they go back to the hospital again.

Unfortunately, hospital re-admissions can happen and they do so for a variety of reasons. While there is no guarantee of avoiding re-admissions, relevant measures done effectively can significantly reduce the chances of getting re-admitted again.

It takes additional effort to take care of a recovering family member at home. With the right support, you can provide a safe and comfortable stay while reducing the chances of the patient getting to the hospital again.

  • Double-check the home’s safety and install safety elements to prevent accidents, slips, and other incidents.
  • Ensure effective medication management – full compliance means better results on the patient’s progress.
  • Observing and recording patient’s symptoms, changes in health, mood swings, and others for future use of health experts.

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