Senior Care in the Early Stages of Dementia

elderly woman and her caregiver doing some tailoring

Seniors who have been recently diagnosed with dementia may need some form of assistance – depending on their situation. The progressive condition can get complicated but with reliable support from a trusted caregiver and healthcare agency, your loved one can get through it.

Here are some tips during the early stages of dementia.

  • Simplify everyday tasks. While the patient may be able to perform daily activities, it can be wise to make things easier to allow for better transition later. For example, organizing chores and keeping a schedule can be good habits to start.
  • Assess the home’s safety. Identify accident-prone areas or pieces of furniture that can put the senior in harm’s way. You may consider smart devices or an automatic shut-off switch for the stove to allow independence while keeping their safety in mind.
  • Prepare for the future and learn more about dementia. Knowledge is a requirement for good decisions. Learning about dementia can help the patient and the family prepare for what is going to happen.

Quality End of Life Care focuses on reliable personal care services and other assistance that an individual may need.

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