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caregiver helping an elderly woman on a whheelchair

Preparing Your Staff for the Social Approach

Every patient needs a different approach to care, and it can get complicated depending on the situation. For those diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, only specialized care that understands the condition can truly bring a positive impact. An...

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elderly man her caregiver smiling at the camera

Why It Makes Sense to Have a Live-In Caregiver

Having a stranger in one’s home can be unfamiliar territory for some. But the new addition to the residence can bring benefits to a senior aging in place or a homebound family member. With a reliable care provider from a trusted agency, you can...

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smiling elderly man on a wheelchair and a man pointing on their way

Providing Dignified Care For Senior Clients

For the people we love, we strive to give them the best the world has to offer. If a family needs additional help in managing a loved one’s daily activities, it is only natural for them to choose the best possible option - the service that cares...

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caregiver holding patients hand

Why Personal Help Is a Great Support

When it comes to receiving care at home, you have various options. You can decide based on the skill needed or how many hours you want to be supported. Many clients are looking forward to the type of care that is ready whenever help is needed. With...

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family members gathered together

How Hospice Helps Seniors and Their Families

Divine Favour Healthcare Staffing Inc., your provider of home care services in Ontario, Canada, specializes in hospice care, a type of health care involving palliation of terminally ill patients that focuses on symptom management, as well as...

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elderly woman and her caregiver facing at each other smiling

Living a Quality Life Through Companionship

Social interaction is an essential factor that leads to longer and healthier lives, and companionship makes it happen. Divine Favour Healthcare Staffing Inc., your provider of home care services in Ontario, Canada, offers the best companionship...

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