Preparing Your Staff for the Social Approach

caregiver helping an elderly woman on a whheelchair

Every patient needs a different approach to care, and it can get complicated depending on the situation. For those diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, only specialized care that understands the condition can truly bring a positive impact.

An important part of Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care is providing social engagement. Now more than ever, the patient’s need to feel their value remains no matter their condition. The social approach encourages them to maintain connections with their family, friends, and care providers.

A key step in having every healthcare staff member onboard with the strategy is to highlight this approach in your team’s care principles or values. This makes it easier for new and existing team members to remember how you aspire to be and why it matters for the patient and your team.

Another element in executing this strategy is empowering your staff to do so. Give them opportunities to connect with the patient in the most human way possible. Train them in communication and relationship building to establish a partnership with clients.

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