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elderly woman and her caregiver talking to each other

Helping Seniors Warm Up to Their Caregivers

It seems a natural response to be wary in the presence of strangers. This behavior may extend when a patient is introduced to their new care provider. While some distance is natural in the early moments, it can impact the quality of care and...

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caregiver helping an elderly woman on a whheelchair

Preparing Your Staff for the Social Approach

Every patient needs a different approach to care, and it can get complicated depending on the situation. For those diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, only specialized care that understands the condition can truly bring a positive impact. An...

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woman smiling facing to a man

Safety Check: Regular Home Assessment

Home safety is an important topic when it comes to home care. While this is often discussed in the early stages of acquiring care, did you know that safety checks should be regularly done at home? A regular home assessment does not need to happen...

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smiling elderly man on a wheelchair and a man pointing on their way

Providing Dignified Care For Senior Clients

For the people we love, we strive to give them the best the world has to offer. If a family needs additional help in managing a loved one’s daily activities, it is only natural for them to choose the best possible option - the service that cares...

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caregiver serving food to a elderly man

Effective Meal Planning to Execution

For people who are aging in place or recovering at home, meals are as important as their prescription medicines. The food we eat and the beverage we drink remain the most important sources of nutrition that our body needs. However, caring for...

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caregiver holding patients hand

Making Your Homes Dementia-Friendly

Creating a dementia-friendly home is the best way to guide your loved ones in maintaining their independence and safety despite their condition. The process is simple, yet it requires a lot of effort. Therefore, allow our dedicated homemakers to do...

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