Safety Check: Regular Home Assessment

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Home safety is an important topic when it comes to home care. While this is often discussed in the early stages of acquiring care, did you know that safety checks should be regularly done at home?

A regular home assessment does not need to happen every day, but some aspects of it can be done more frequently while some points have to be checked in a month or a year. But first, regular safety assessments are done for the benefit of your family – especially those who have mobility issues, health conditions, or developmental disabilities.

Daily safety checks can be done on daily activities. A simple checking such as reviewing the medicine label before administering the contents to the patient. Another one would be to ensure that unused appliances are unplugged before sleeping.

Annual safety assessment may involve the house’s integrity. New construction may require less frequent checks, but for old properties or those with histories, a much-closer inspection can help prevent further problems.

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