Making Your Homes Dementia-Friendly

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Creating a dementia-friendly home is the best way to guide your loved ones in maintaining their independence and safety despite their condition. The process is simple, yet it requires a lot of effort. Therefore, allow our dedicated homemakers to do them for you.

Divine Favour Healthcare Staffing Inc., your provider of home care services in Ontario, Canada, provides a variety of services to cater to your loved ones’ caregiving needs, and that includes homemaking.

You might be asking how we do that. Well, homemakers in our homecare in Canada follow these tips:

  • Using natural light to indicate the time of day. Dementia makes us lose our sense of time. Hence, opening window coverings during the day can indicate daytime, and closing them means otherwise.
  • Making a hazard-free home. We remove clutters, protruding objects, and wires that run across the floors to avoid getting them into accidents.
  • Avoiding the use of intricate patterns and clashing colors for the upholstery and floors, but for wall attachments like switches, we suggest having them in contrasting colors with the wall.
  • Attaching their to-do list in their favorite area. Place the list in the area they frequent so they can easily spot it. Ask them to do these tasks to enhance their cognitive function and facilitate productivity.
  • Placing signage and labels. Put a sign on every door to indicate which room they’re going in. Label the things they’ll find in cabinets as well but remember to lock in cleaning tools and sharp objects so that you can keep them away from harm.

Protect your loved ones at all costs through our homemaking and personal care services!

Know more about our other services, especially our end of life care, by sending us a message!

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