Helping Seniors Warm Up to Their Caregivers

elderly woman and her caregiver talking to each other

It seems a natural response to be wary in the presence of strangers. This behavior may extend when a patient is introduced to their new care provider. While some distance is natural in the early moments, it can impact the quality of care and experience for the patient.

For example, if a senior is hesitant in asking for help from their caregiver, they may compromise their comfort and needs. This should not be the case.

Fortunately, there are many ways to rectify the situation and ensure they receive the best Senior Care possible. In this article, let us explore the ways a caregiver and the family can do to help their senior patients ease up on them.

  • If possible, let the patient decide the caregiver they want from the candidate profiles available.
  • Share the caregiver profile before the actual introduction.
  • Highlight similarities in the beginning – same experiences, interests, and others.
  • Try doing something together such as cooking or gardening to bond.
  • Open up with a relatable personal story.
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