Keeping Your Seniors Mind Active

Keeping Your Seniors Mind Active

Boredom is inevitable to seniors even if they have company in their homes. With the hit of the pandemic, their outdoor activities came in limited to doing them inside. However, don’t let the negativity rule over their minds, and let them have a good time even if they are at home. Maintaining the sharpness of their mind is a good exercise for them to prevent dementia. There can be a lot of cognitive activities for them to do that are fun.

Divine Favour Senior Homecare is a provider of home care services in Ontario, Canada. One of the services we offer is Alzheimer’s and Dementia care, hence, we can suggest that you can do the following activities with your aging loved ones to keep them occupied, entertained, and mentally active. Here are five pastimes your elder loved ones can do:

  1. Group reading.
    Get those books on the shelf opened and create a little activity with them together with all the available family members. A little group reading, book review, and storytelling won’t hurt at a past time. It is also a great bonding, being able to get to know the different insights of the participants.
  2. Flashcards or simple board games.
    There are a lot of options for this one. You can also be creative on this one by adding twists like creating your flashcards.
  3. Simple baking or cooking activities.
    There are a lot of recipe books or recipes available online. This is hitting two birds with one stone. They get to read and apply what they are reading. Also, cooking and baking can be more enjoyable to do when they get to do it with their grandkids. Aside from recipes online, grandma and grandpa sure have a family tradition recipe where they can pass down to the newer generation.
  4. Guessing games.
    Charades and guess the drawing is much more fun when all the members of the family can join. For sure, this is the quality time your loved ones look forward to, they can exercise their brain at the same time have a good laugh with the family.
  5. Sorting activities.
    This is helpful for memory care and develops fine motor skills for elders having this difficulty. It is also a good time for them to have a little walk down the memory lane by sorting out the things in their room, the photos, and other stuff they get to encounter while doing this activity.

Make good use of the advantage of still being with your elderly loved ones. As a homecare in Canada, we can attest that these activities can be very helpful to them.

You can also seek our help with these activities when time cannot permit you to visit them. We provide companionship and personal care services, among others. More about the services we offer are available here on our website. Don’t hesitate to browse for more and if you have concerns, call us anytime.

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