Cleanliness as a Part of Seniors’ Healthy Routine

Cleanliness as a Part of Seniors’ Healthy Routine

We are all aware of the risks of illnesses and diseases that people can get nowadays from an unclean environment, especially now that some epidemics and pandemics can affect our elders’ health.

When it comes to sanitation, what can a provider of homecare in Canada do to keep our seniors and their surroundings safe from germs that cause these threats? We at the Favour Healthcare Staffing Inc. listed some of them below:

  • Maintain healthy hygiene for elders
    Bathing and grooming are essential aspects of personal care services. You must make sure they take a bath daily, brush their teeth, and wash their hands, especially when they go out. They may touch contaminated surfaces and acquire illnesses from droplets that are scattered around.
  • Equip them with masks and handkerchiefs
    When going out, you never know who among the public carry sicknesses that seniors may acquire. Wearing masks can protect the elderly. When your elders have the flu, using a handkerchief when sneezing or coughing can prevent them from spreading bacteria or viruses. Make sure to bring alcohol, too.
  • Make sure their living spaces are clean
    Dusting and sweeping can help prevent seniors from inhaling particles and have respiratory or even skin conditions. Disinfecting once in a while can kill many types of bacteria and viruses. And that will make you confident that elders are safe from these harmful threats.

There are other things we can do for you. To try our exceptional home care services in Ontario, Canada you may call us at 647-766-5394. Together, let us maintain a clean routine for your seniors.

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