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caregiver giving a towel to a elderly woman

Bathroom Slips and Falls: How to Reduce the Risk

With aging, mobility, flexibility, and strength are affected. It is inevitable for seniors to feel slower and weaker as time passes. That is why it is relevant to keep their home senior-friendly. Let’s face it. Nowadays, seniors opt to stay in...

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elderly woman sat on couch using a fan

Beating the Summer Heat: Tips for Seniors this Summer

Summer is giving its heat, and keeping one’s self hydrated is essential. With the humidity the summer season brings, older adults are more prone to danger. They are more vulnerable to the summer heat. Hence, as their caregiver, you should execute...

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caregiver checking blood pressure of a patient

Nutrition Tips to Keep Seniors Healthy

Aging may mean retirement, which is freedom from all worries in the workplace. However, this is always the case because medication maintenance and illnesses may come in the way. That is why as homecare in Canada, we make sure to integrate essential...

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caregiver serving a glass of water to a elderly woman

How Can Older Adults Prevent Dehydration

Keeping a senior from dehydration is a must. It is very critical for seniors to stay dehydrated, especially now that it is summer. Hence, as their caregiver, you should provide them adequate fluids throughout the day. As a personal care services...

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elderly woman and her caregiver

Get to Know the Top Known Advantages of Home Care

When a person reaches the age where assistance is most needed, personal care services are a must for the family to avail. However, some will opt to place their aging loved ones in a facility, while others prefer to be their own family’s caregiver....

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caregiver doing back massage to her patient

What it Takes to Care for the Elderly

Not everyone is not as patient in taking care of the elderly. It is a calling that one must acknowledge and accept wholeheartedly. It takes a lot of understanding and courage. Once you are there, you can not show any sign of weakness because you...

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